Welcome to BroomeQuest!

BroomeQuest is a fun, family oriented scavenger hunt to learn about the great things in Broome County, NY.  There are about 25 BroomeQuests, but check back periodically to see if any new ones have been added.  Each BroomeQuest is about a 1-2 mile hike that take about an hour round trip.  Some are a little shorter and some are a little longer, but plan on close to an hour, or longer if you linger and enjoy more than just the BroomeQuest at these great Broome County parks!

To do a BroomeQuest:

  1. Get an inkpad and something to sign with – either a pen, a rubber stamp that represents you, or even a thumbprint!
  2. Get  a brochure for one of the BroomeQuests on this blog
  3. Go to the place that the BroomeQuest is about
  4. Read the nature and historical information
  5. Follow the clue to the BroomeQuest
  6. Once you find the hidden BroomeQuest, stamp the stamp you find  in the box into the brochure using your inkpad
  7. Stamp your stamp or fingerprint into the logbook that is in the BroomeQuest to show that you were there
  8. Leave the BroomeQuest the way you found it (leave the stamp and logbook in the box and rehide it)


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Congratulations to Magnolia Bud for having BroomeQuest become a Blue Diamond series (extremely high-rated) on AtlasQuest!

  2. BroomeQuest conquered! I had a great time and my legs are tired! I did them all in the snow and had great hikes everywhere. Much of it was challenging with high water and snow turned to ice on steep hills (Higher Learning was the most slippery!) I wanted to see if they could all be done in a day and I think they could all be found on a summer day. It took me 48 hours of short winter days to do them.

    I was only first to find Aqua-Terra – Discovery Center, where a boat would have been handy after the recent rain/snow.

    Thank you for the fun experience. I enjoy Broome County winters! I am impressed by all the hiking you did to hide these!

    Good luck on your Gold Award!

  3. My husband and I found some of your BroomeQuests today. I felt like I was on treasure hunt! What a fun adventure! It’s obvious that you put a lot of thought, creativity, and hard work into this project. I look forward to finding more BroomeQuests! Great job!! :)

  4. Congratulations on a wonderful Gold Award project that will touch the hearts of so many – I am so proud of you! Pam Hyland, CEO, Girl Scouts of NYPENN Pathways, Inc.

  5. Re: Binghamton University Nature Preserve – Theater and Higher Learning – Found November 29, 2012

    Quite a hike – but I really needed the exercise. The stamps for Theater and Higher Learning are very good. These are the first of your BroomeQuest series I have done and already I can see your hard work paying off. Wasn’t too cold, so am hoping I can get out to find many more of these this winter. Thank you for such an interesting way to show off our stomping grounds. When people say this area is boring and has nothing to offer, they simply have not looked. You are doing Broome County a great service. Best wishes. ZoomZoom

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